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Super Scanner MD-3003B1 Bangladesh

The Super Scanner MD-3003B1 handheld metal detector has a buzzer / LED light and vibration alarm modes, dimensions 410 x 85 x 45 mm, and a net weight of 0.26 Kg. It is lightweight and easy to use. It can detect metal objects up to 3mm deep in most cases.

Super Scanner MD-3003B1 Hand-Held Metal Detector

Super Scanner MD-3003B1 hand-held metal detector comes with LED light, buzzer and vibration alarms. Dimensions 45 x 85 x 410 millimeters, weight 0.26 Kg, operating with power source 6F22 9V. It is not battery-powered and does not have a charger. operating frequency of 22 KHz. 

New and top quality. The detector has a an oblique virator button that is found on the right end that is on the side of the detector. You can make use of a rechargeable 9-volt battery to charge the detector. Common uses include body searches for weapons that are offensive in crowed control as well as border and airport security or checking mail and parcels for metal objects, and any other place where hidden metal requires to be found.

Functions and features:

  • It has double indication modes, namely sound and light and vibration
  • Is the first model to adopt the automatic reset function switch to change sensitivity
  • It’s can adjust sensitivity

Technical parameters:

  • External dimensions: L410 x 85 x 45mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 44.5 x 26.5 x 52cm
  • Product weight: 25kg/box, 13.3kg/box
  • Working power supply: 6F22ND 9V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery)
    Alarm modes: simultaneous sound (vibration) and light alarm
  • Super Scanner MD-3003B1 Bangladesh

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